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The Web5™ Designers Program is an easy and affordable way to build, host and manage multiple websites for yourself and clients. Anyone who has a little designing skill can become a Web Designer. People can create professional looking websites for clients within 2-3 hours including all the bells and whistles of adding social media and search engine optimization. 

With our Designers Program, you can start your business faster, especially graphic designers and graphic designing companies can provide complete web designing and development solutions to their clients. Our Partner Program also help’s individuals and unemployed persons to run a Web Designing Business, and be self employed. To become a Web Designer is no more a difficult thing, just register with us as web designer and we provide you everything you need, includes a designer interface for every client, 100+ ready to use themes, desktop and mobile ready website creation, drag and drop website building software, unlimited pages and much more.

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Get Web Designers Bundle Pack

Designer Interface

Our Designers Bundle provides you a complete designer interface for designing a client website.

Desktop and Mobile Support

Create desktop and mobile website in one place, choose different themes add unlimited widgets.

Online Website Builder

Easy to Use Online Website Builder, with 100+ Professional Themes, eCommerce Support and option to use your own brand.

Earn Money

You set up your own price for your clients, we manage the back end and charge a discounted price.

Easy to Use Drag n Drop Website Builder

Webs5™ intuitive website builder powers your website around the world. With the Designers Platform, Webs5™ CMS is now yours. Content elements, such as text, pictures, videos, and slideshows are easily added through a simple, drag & drop interface. NO HTML & CSS knowledge required. Building a website is done in a real time, right from within your web browser.

Multiple Accounts – Multiple Staff

As you grow, you can have additional accounts for new staff or colleagues even for a brother, you can request new staff member to under your account. Additional staff members can help you build new clients sites faster and grow your business to the next level.

Fully Hosted on Our Reliable Infrastructure

Webs5™ uses a rock solid hosting platform powers roughly 2% of the websites on the interment. Every website on Webs5™ is hosted by our data center redundant, cloud based hosting infrastructure. Your client’s websites live in multiple data centers locations to offer superior up-time, response time, and reliability compared to most any other hosting option.

100+ Professional Themes

We offer over 100 professionally designed themes to choose from when designing on a look for a website. Customize the designs by modifying fonts, colors, sizes and more with our flexible point-and-click design options.

Easy Blog for Your Clients

Adding a blog to a website takes a single click. Posts are created using the same drag & Drop interface that makes Webs5™ easy. It’s a breeze to include beautiful photo galleries, videos, audio clips, and other widgets in posts. You have the flexibility to make the blog the website’s home page, a sub-page in the menu, or even include multiple blogs on the same website. Our easy, drag & drop blog post editor. Full comment moderation controls. Time zone and date format options. Automatic archiving of posts by month  Read more break  And plenty more.

Photo Galleries and Slideshows

It’s easy to show off photos in beautiful, professional photo galleries and slideshows. You select the photos to include and we’ll make them look great with transition effects, automatic re sizing, and a wide selection of different display styles.

Video and Audio Players

Upload audio or video files to our multimedia elements and we’ll automatically convert them for playback directly from your website. This means that website visitors won’t have to download the files and open a separate media player to watch or listen. Here’s an MP3 file we uploaded into our audio player:

Easy Form Builder

Our drag & drop form builder makes it dead simple to gather comments, contact info, and responses from website visitors. We have contact forms, RSVP forms, and surveys already pre-built. We even have a file drop box element that accepts documents, pictures, or other file uploads from visitors. Our form builder is flexible too. Customize forms by dragging and dropping on new fields (such as text boxes, dropdown menus, and check boxes) into any configuration you need. When a form entry is submitted by a website visitor, the entry is stored in the site’s dashboard for your client to review.

Automotive Mobile Websites

With the fast growing number of people browsing the web with their mobile phones, it’s crucial to have a mobile friendly and accessible website. With Webs5™, we create a mobile optimized version of your website automatically! The visitors that arrive to your website on a phone are shown the mobile version of your site, while visitors arriving to your website on a computer are shown the full website. You don’t have to do anything – it just works!

Online Stores

Build an online store and sell your products with Webs5™. To add a product, just type the title, upload a picture, and name your price. Drag on text descriptions, pictures, and video to supplement the product listings. Associate the store with your PayPal or Google Checkout account, and just like that, you’re selling online!

Search Engine Optimization

We automatically setup your website to be well optimized for search engines through the use of sitemaps, automated pinging of new content, proper HTML formatting, and meta descriptions. More advanced search engine optimization settings are available as well, such as alt tags on images and page-specific descriptions.

Website Traffic Stats

The site traffic dashboard gives you and your client’s insight into how many people visited a website, which pages they visited, what search terms they used to find the site, and which websites referred traffic to the site. Your website statistics are calculated in real-time so you can keep a close eye on your data and traffic patterns. For even deeper insights into your website statistics, you can add Google Analytics tracking code as well.

How it Work

Starting Your Own Web Designing Business is a 03 Steps simple process. Sign Up for Web Designers Program, we charge $60/- our web interface fee (annually renewable). All accounts are immediately approved and are ready to use. 

  • Complete client websites back end control panel
  • Client website designing and management includes: Website Builder, Website Stats

Web Designers Bundle

01 client website is included in your registration, you can start designing a client website immediately, once you are ready you will have to add a client account in your client area.

Publish a client website once completed?

Once your client website is completed, simply send a message in your back end control panel to Sales Department, clearly mention subject as follows, client Website Domain Name in subject line and we will publish the website in 12-24 hours, you still can update your client website any time.

e.g. Subject: www.clientwebsite.com Activity (Publish) 


We charge onetime $60/- (annually renewable) designers account setup cost from individuals, graphic designers and companies.

Plans for Clients Websites:

  1. Build a Website or Blog Winner Plan Price
  2. Build an Online Store Premium Plan Price

Note: Designer Platform Supports only our Winner & Premium Plans Pricing. 

Additionally you get up-to 25% discount on our Plan prices. +You/Your Company are free to charge whatever amount from your customer over our price as designing cost.


To see the back end demo of website builder and website management please click here http://designers.webs5.net/3B7OF2/login

Email: webmaster@webs5.net

Pass: demouser2

Our demo is complete open and have all the features of our actual website builder tool. 


  • Residual Income (Annually Renewable)
  • We charge a fix amount and even give away up to 25% discount to our designers on our Winner & Premium Plans.
  • You charge your own price to your customer
  • You can remove our link in footer Designed By with your own
  • You can update your client website online any time

Commissions & Discounts

We give away discounts as  per your client sites orders:

  • 1-5 clients sites in a month – 15%
  • 5-10 client sites in a month – 20%
  • 10+ client sites in a month – 25%

Can I charge my clients more than your fees?

Yes! We charge a monthly fee (paid annually) per website that is priced similar to a standard web hosting plan. You can charge your clients higher than our fees, earning you money. Not only will you make money initially building the site, but you can make residual income when your clients renew year after year.

Are there separate fees for hosting or updates to the CMS?

No. Our website fees cover everything including ongoing updates to our CMS and premium hosting with unlimited bandwidth. We do not charge a separate fee for you to manage your websites or clients on the Designer Platform.

How do I start?

To start with Webs5™ Designers Platform, you will need to register, we do not charge anything.

What are the commissions for Designer Platform?

We charge a fix price for website from people who qualify or apply for a designer platform, our designer platform supports our Webs5™ Winner and Premium Plans, and we give away up-to 25% commissions on our basic plan prices.

How do I collect my commissions?

We do not use any commission tracking software with our Designer Platform, you are in full control, once you are qualified as Designer, we provide you a unique coupon code, every time you place an order on our website for a new client, you will use the coupon code and you save 25% commissions up front on every order. However you are always free to charge your customer whatever amount you want.

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Webs5 Solutions is providing a complete set of web services to our customers. Our membership Plans are complete package for anyone who needs web presence. All our Plans are equipped with 05 basic essential tools required for a great website.

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