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What’s the perfect way to end the year?  A roundup of smartphone rumors and concept designs that excite us as we head into 2014.

For the holidays, many of you guys received a new smartphone, probably an iPhone 5S or 5c, a Galaxy Note III, Galaxy S4 Active or Zoom, HTC One or even a Nokia Lumia 1520. But as we all know, once we roll into 2014, there will be a fresh year of new devices coming to the market.

So what could be in store for consumers this coming year?

2014 smartphone concept designs & rumors


Samsung’s 4GB RAM

People have been pretty excited about the Galaxy Note III’s 3GB RAM, but Samsung plans improve that with upcoming smartphones with a 4GB RAM version.

Should Samsung pull it off, its future phones will get a 50 percent performance boost, with only 40 percent less power required. That means Samsung phones will be faster but will be kinder on the battery life.  Wouldn’t you want a Galaxy device that is able to keep up with all your daily needs and is able to last more than a day on a single charge?


Samsung Galaxy S5

Back in September, the guys at GalaxyS5Info released a concept design for a rumored device which features a 5.3″ OLED Youm display that extends to the sides which eliminates the need for physical buttons for volume control. It also comes with a renovated home button, a single port for charging and accommodating a SIM card and microSD, 3GB of RAM, a 2GHz Exynos 5 OctaCore Processor running Android 4.4 KitKat, a 3200 mah Li-ion battery, and a 16MP Carl Zeiss camera.

But things change and people want more, so the the team reworked its concept design of the Galaxy S5.  The updated design now features a 5.2″ flexible curved display with 2K resolution, 16 MP ISOCELL camera made by Samsung itself, and captures 4K quality pictures as well as full HD videos. The concept design also features a 4MP front camera, an iris scanner, ambient and proximity sensors, and a metal body frame instead of polycarbonate.

The four corners of this concept device will have speakers, 4GB RAM, 64 Bit Exynos-Octa core processor, supports wireless headphones, and will run Android 4.4 KitKat.  The concept design looks a lot like the LG G Flex, thanks to the curve.  And the iris scanner is out to make Apple’s Touch ID look like a primitive technology, taking security to a whole new level.


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So you've gotten your hands on a brand new PlayStation 4, and are ready to crack into some next-generation gaming. Yay!

Whether you unwrapped a new PlayStation 4 for the holidays, or you picked one up as soon as they went on sale, the new consoles offers a lot of possibilities out of the box. If you want to get the most of out your console, we've prepared a handy guide to all the things you can take advantage without too much hassle.

Set Up Your PS4

The PlayStation 4 connects to all applications and services via a PlayStation Network account. You can either create a new account when you first sign in to the console, or import your current one — the latter will import your friends and trophies from the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita.

You can now also associate your PlayStation Network account with your Facebook account, and you have the option to pull in your real name and Facebook profile picture to your PlayStation Network identity.

After you've created your account and downloaded a 300 MB day-one update, you're pretty much good to jump in and start using your PlayStation 4.

Get PlayStation Plus

Your PlayStation Network account allows access to a handful of the console's online services, including access to video-on-demand apps like Netflix and the ability to message your friends. But annual subscription service PlayStation Plus gives a lot more value to the PlayStation 4 for $50 per year.

PlayStation Plus users get access to free games every month, and those often include interesting indie games you might not find otherwise. For instance, indie titles Contrast andResogun are available as free downloads with the PlayStation 4 right now. Games you download for free remain on your console until your PlayStation Plus membership lapses. Members can also receive discounts on some new games.

The PlayStation Plus subscription is also necessary to play games online with friends, or to save your games in the cloud.


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Facebook's developers are always coming up with cool tools that can make an entrepreneur's life a little bit easier, like embedded posts.

But most of us don't have time to keep up with the changes, or figure out how to use them.

To learn more, we asked a panel of eight successful entrepreneurs how they're using embedded posts to amp up website traffic and social engagement. Here are their best tips:

1. Increasing Facebook Engagement

Embedding a Facebook post on your blog will help increase the engagement level of your Facebook page. Because Facebook's embeddable posts are interactive, there are a few different features that are beneficial to your brand. Your blog readers can share your content by embedding the post on their own blog or by clicking the Facebook "share" button to distribute your content to their Facebook friends. They can also "like" your Facebook page from an embeddable post. Whichever way you look at it, embedding a Facebook post into your blog is now one extra step that's necessary for content creators.

2. Sharing Your Viral Content

Facebook seems to be taking a page from Twitter on this one. Twitter enables brands or influencers to embed a tweet on any Web page, and Facebook is now enabling people to embed a post anywhere as well. This means that viral content can have an even longer shelf life, and the content can go wherever people are reading and engaging (not only Facebook). Brands can benefit from embedding popular Facebook posts onto their press or member pages. It's a great way to keep track of, store, and share great content from Facebook directly on your website.

3. Cross-Promoting

Now that Facebook allows posts to be embedded, it makes it much easier to improve social media engagement and website traffic. It's an integration tool, and any savvy entrepreneur looking to build his or her brand in a streamlined fashion will certainly take advantage of it.

4. Enticing Consumers With Contests

When hosting a special promotion on your website, you can require a person to "like," share or comment on your embedded post to be entered to win or receive a discount.

5. Sharing Your Brand Message

Facebook's embeddable posts reinforce the need for brand consistency. Use it as a tool to push your brand message out on your blog, website or elsewhere with your key mission and vision. Still mix up your media with posts, videos, hashtags and pictures, but keep the personality the same. Your content will have a higher reach and your audience will be more engaged.

6. Keeping Your Website Fresh

Embedded posts are a great way to share timely information from Facebook directly on your website or blog. They enable you to show the number of "likes" your post has received, which will show traffic to your website and support from your social networks. Personal recommendations are still one of the best ways to gain new business, and a Facebook "like," share or comment is a great personal recommendation. Embedded posts are also a new way to keep your primary Web page fresh with timely information, updates and media without the hassle of entering that information in two places.

7. Increasing Reach and Interaction

Facebook works wonders for spreading awareness, whether it's promoting sobriety through an effective addiction treatment program or informing parents of a new drug that is popular among teens. Now that embedded Facebook posts can be placed on any website or blog, the reach and interaction of our posts has increased. This gives my brand more options in terms of using Facebook to deliver messages to people.

8. Bringing Facebook Content to Visitors

Embeddable post are particularly effective for Facebook pages that don't have a lot of fans but do have other Web properties with traffic. It is much easier to bring the Facebook content to the visitors than it is to get the visitors to Facebook. In the end, this will drive up your Facebook engagement and "likes" and make it much more effective when you do post on Facebook.

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